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P [ L ] A Y L I S T

by DJ Hidden

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donniiedarko thumbnail
donniiedarko How the hell could I miss that one?
Unreal. Favorite track: The Dust Element.
sempiro thumbnail
sempiro Hey mate, thanks for pouring your soul into your music through all these years! You basically introduced me to world of drum & bass :) Death At A Distance and Blind Universe will always have special place in my heart. Cheers! Favorite track: Death At A Distance.
Mark thumbnail
Mark I have bought all the 12" vinyls back in the days, but the remastered tracks sound so clean, so loud and so amazing! Favorite track: Blind Universe.
jakob.klug.vr1 thumbnail
jakob.klug.vr1 actually i favour every track, and the remaster works really well :)
each tune is a deep beast of it's very own... and so many tracks for this price is a must have for every fan of dj hidden and dark drum & bass!! Favorite track: The Dust Element.
Kekoa_TCO thumbnail
Kekoa_TCO Love all the music DJ Hidden has produced, can't wait for more things to come! Favorite track: Fatal Rwd [Remake].
martinjones909909 thumbnail
martinjones909909 Like Mark said, we have the vinyls, but as soon as I saw Radiosilence. I had to get this. Was a personal favourite back in the day, that I even bought 2 vinyls. Looking forward already to more crisp drums and heavy bass! Favorite track: Radio Silence.
Sandwaves 07:07
Session 113 07:24
Untouched 06:23


Label: Hidden Tracks
Catalogue number: HIDDIGI01

It is no secret that artists do not make a lot of money releasing their music nowadays. Maybe when you are in the top 10 of mainstream pop producers, you do not have reason to complain. It is different for a lot of "underground" artists. They usually have to do with very little on even a succesful release.

At least they are still making something though.

That is, unless labels decide that they do not feel like paying artists altogether. They make promises of advances and royalties through elaborate contracts but when the time comes to actually share in the profits of a particular release, they bail on the artist.

I have had this happen to me several times by several labels. I'm not going to point fingers: you have the internet at your disposal so if you are really interested in what labels these tracks got released on originally, you are of course free to look this up yourself.

By violating the terms of the various ageements I had with these labels, I felt it would be within my rights to claim full ownership of the tracks they put out and... re-release them myself.

With regards to the mixdowns, I felt that some of these tracks had aged a bit. In order to feel happy about letting these tracks get out in the open again, I decided to remaster every single track. So here it is: remastered versions of several older tracks.

That is not all though: back in the day, I wrote a track called "Fatal Rwd" which was featured in some mixes but never actually was released. The reason for this was that I could never decide on the final mixdown...

When compiling this album, I stumbled upon this track and I decided that it was time to release it... but not in the original version. Instead, I completely re-did the track from scratch - based on the original file but with a new mixdown and new sounds, pretty much only retaining the "feel" of the original.

I truly hope you will enjoy some of these "classic" tracks plus the new and improved version of "Fatal Rwd".

Whether these tracks are new to you or they are trips down memory lane: do me a favor and *buy* this album instead of finding some torrent for it. That way, I feel I am getting back at those labels that essentially fucked me over back in the day... and I finally make a little bit of cash from a lot of hard work.

Oh... and if you are still wondering why that L is between [ ] ... just remove it and see what word you will get. ;)

And finally, to the labels who originally released these tracks: if you want to contact me, feel free to do so. Just ask yourself why you did not do this in all these years that you could have. Do not harbour the illusion of forcing me to take these down: you are the ones that "forgot" something here - I did and do not.


released May 6, 2015


all rights reserved



DJ Hidden Goes, Netherlands

Noël Wessels is a Dutch musician, DJ and art designer known for his unique take on Drum n Bass, Hardcore and various other genres of electronic music. His productions are often described as dark, haunting and cinematic and he is well known for his high quality mixing and mastering skills. ... more

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